Rainbow Dash in a Flash Contest

If you remember our 2013 CES coverage, we had a chance to talk with Jessica from Mimoco and she dropped some hints of things to come. The time is finally here to show off their new My Little Pony Mimobot line! I have to admit that these things look pretty cool. What is even cooler than a mimobot? Winning one! That’s right we are having a contest and 2 lucky winners will receive either a Rainbow Dash mimobot or a Twilight Sparkle mimobot! The contest is pretty straight forward, just follow the instructions in the entry box below! You have 2 weeks to enter so don’t delay! This contest is open to residents in the US or Canada only (sorry international peeps, shipping is expensive!) Good luck guys and a big shout out to Mimoco for supplying the prizes!

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  • woot! my little ponys!

  • No Fluttershy? I’d take the Rainbow Dash one though.

  • Elizabeth DeBroux

    Whaaaat? I’ve gotta throw my hat in the ring for these – my little niece will Freak Out!

  • my fav char is dischord cuz he is Q from tng

  • TheWhiteCoons

    I think it is really cool that you guys are giving Mimobot 8GB flash drives and to be honest I don’t really have a favorite MLP it would have to be Twilight Sparkle because we have similar personalities.

  • crazzz

    King Sombra!

  • I wanna win

  • alex

    yo quiero

  • Ditzy Doo/Derpy Hooves /)O3O(


    I hope I win!!!

  • suzette

    favorite character – obvi sassy yet energetic rainbow dash!!! or pinkie pie!!! or ALL OF THEM.

  • Rarity is probably my favorite pony, but Dash is a close second. She’s about 20% cooler than other flash drives.

  • Hmm… hard to pick, but maybe Princess Luna?

  • Forget-Me-Not handled fireworks the best much to my sisters delight. I was a horrible older brother.

  • Fluttershy is my girls’ favorite, but I think Rainbowdash is a tight second. I love that Rainbowdash can bust some serious clouds!

  • MarkyMort

    Hi, I want one.

  • Brett Stagg

    Rainbow Dash is definitely the coolest!

  • lasernorm

    snog flogger