The 11th card: super rare Lantern Battery, character removal, and sets we would like to see!

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Show Notes:

Topics Covered

  • The 11th card
      • Super Rare Lantern Battery

    Card Images Provided by DiceMastersDecks.Com

  • Character Removal
    • Actions
      • Millennium Puzzle
      • Millennium Rod
      • Delayed Blast Fireball
      • Imprisoned
    • Characters
      • Umber Hulk: Paragon Beast
      • Storm (any AvX)
      • Black Cat (All)
      • Apocalypse: Earth-295
      • Psylocke: Kwannon the Assassin
      • Daredevil: Guardian of Hell’s Kitchen
      • Deadpool: Jack
      • Hulk: Jade Giant & Hulk: Green Goliath
      • Batgirl: Babs
  • Sets we would like to see
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  • Sarkhan Mad

    Harpie Lady Sisters: Trio of Terror with that Battery.
    Block = damage per character
    Don’t block = damage per character

  • Steve Ellingson

    Thanks for the suggestion. I know that the KO King has used that combo and really liked it.

  • Sarkhanmad

    it’s funny. I was doing a search on eBay “sold” listings (2 days before listening to cast) and i noticed that among all of the expected high sellers, this card was there! Selling for 30. So, i think more people have other ideas, and i expect to see it showing up quite soon. I have a whole list of cards that I’m thinking can work. Just need to sort through the garbage.

  • Sarkhanmad

    Go CUBS!!!

    I noticed (2 days before listening to cast) that this card was selling on eBay with the other”expected” sells. So, I was thinking that it might start seeing some play. I have a huge (and not complete) list of cards that synergize with this. I’ll sort through the garbage and get back. …

  • Sarkhanmad

    Yeah, that ain’t bad

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