We talk about the right time to attack and defend, the cards in the Doctor Strange Teampack that caught our eye, and we look back at old cards that are now useful.

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Theme: Tilt By Avaren

Show Notes:

Topics Covered

  • When to attack and when to defend

  • Doctor Strange highlights

    • Wong (All 3)
    • Eye of Agamotto: Reside Within the Amulet and Mystical Conduit
    • Mindless Ones: Stare Into Your Soul and Unseeing Gaze
    • Scarlet Witch: Hex Bolts
    • Dormammu: Burning Ambition
  • Looking back at old cards

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  • Nathan

    Very informative and entertaining.

    Your life is your greatest resource, use it to it’s greatest effect. I often let a trouble maker like Tsarina through. Treat every attack is it just said on the card, Sacrifice this character to do X damage to your opponent where X to their attack power. When you look at it that way, you can easily decide if it’s worth letting through or keeping on the field.