Our basic action of the month: Heroic Defense, building single affiliation teams, and an interview with visitors from Colorado.

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  • Troy

    Always love to hear another person running Bat-family. I had a similar path to discovering the wonders of the rare Bruce Wayne, and took it to 2nd place at the WKO in May. Since then, though, I’ve actually swapped out Alfred for Elf Thief – I noticed that I don’t necessarily care that Alfred regenerates as much, because I’m replacing it with a Batman on Level 3, and I found that having Elf Thief, besides being Elf Thief, also helps for masks to buy the Batman if I roll energy.

    • Yay Bat-Family friends! Interesting insight on Alfred for Elf Thief, I haven’t tried my team on a competitive level, just more casual stuff. My problem is when I play the team I swear my opponent can only roll level 3 characters…

      • Troy

        Vigilante Justice is my backup. I can take out their level 3 characters with that, capture the other ones with Bruce, and typically have a clear field. 2 Bats and a Bruce give you 15+ right there, so it’s usually enough to seal the deal. Bonus being they can’t really use VJ against me, as most of my characters are immune due to being Bat-family!