The new Back For More keyword, teaching Dice Masters to new players, and a recap of the fall WKOs.

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  • Troy

    Re: teaching Dice Masters. With kids especially, but also somewhat for adults, I’ve found that the absolute most important thing when teaching them is to make sure the team that they are playing has their favorite characters! This more than anything tends to suck them in long enough for them to get a feel for the game itself and whether or not they like playing it.

    For this reason, my default team for kids is often an Avengers-based team, as they are often very familiar with Cap, Iron Man, Black Widow, etc. I’ll often ask them who their favorite characters are and make sure to put them in there.

    On the same spectrum, though, there are some adults coming into the game from D&D, and for them I’ll try to give them a mostly D&D team, so they can see how they can play with their favorite characters.

    • Kenneth Ahlgren

      Absolutely! That’s how you get the hooks in. I can’t believe we didn’t mention that on the podcast.