We talk about utilizing the prep area, our 11th card: Millennium Puzzle, and Errata That! super rare Captain Universe.

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Show Notes:

Topics Covered

  • WizKids Rules Forum Update (00:45)
  • Using the Prep Area (07:51)
  • The 11th Card: Millennium Puzzle (26:39)

  • Errata That!: Super Rare Captain Universe (34:58)

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  • Christopher Essock

    I really loved your discussion of how the utilization of the prep area has evolved in this game and has now almost become your win con with the introduction of X-23.

    Additionally, I’ve had some success with running Nitro-Explosive Personality with the basic action Vigilante Justice. This basic action allows you to KO two of you opponent’s character’s per Nitro die (one from Nitro’s ability and one from the resolution of the basic action).

    Finally, I know how much you love to use Golems on your team and using the Rare Flesh Golem or Rare Clay Golem boosts the defense of Nitro and thus increases Nitro’s effectiveness.

    Best of luck getting more and more dice in the prep area and thanks for a very informative podcast.

  • Troy

    I just pulled an X-23! I’m excited to try to use it. Do you have a way on your team to deal with Mera, or do you just go for a secondary win-con if that happens? And I don’t remember if you mentioned it, but have you tried using Static to get stuff in the prep area?