We talk about our 11th card: Beholder Lesser Aberration, Action Dice Removal, and Figuring Out The Best Oracle

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  • 11th Card: Beholder – Lesser Aberration (00:46)

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  • Christopher Essock

    This past weekend I took my X-23 team to a WKO and ran it through the gauntlet of Bard, Mask Ring and Torch Burn teams. I had tons of fun playing this team and want to share with the community my build, reasons for selecting those cards and advice on how I would change this team.

    Constantine: Hellblazer
    Elf Thief: Lesser
    Nitro: Explosive Personality
    Flesh Golem: Paragon
    Bleez: Controlled Rage
    The Oppression Begins
    Vigilante Justice

    Constantine is great at letting you survive just one more turn.
    Elf Thief was put on to steal energy that could be used for globals like Mera and/or Distraction.
    Nitro is the heart and sole of this team’s defense. At three-cost, you can reliably buy him turn-two even if you go first. He allows you to KO the character you called with Constantine and thus that character is in this endless loop of being fielded, not being able to attack and then being KO’ed.
    Flesh Golem allows you to Fabricate Nitro and a sidekick, activate Nitro’s ability and give you ramp.
    Bleez helps against Lantern Ring and although Breaker is more energy efficient from a fielding cost perspective, she was chosen since this team thrives on bolts.
    X-23 brings the damage and this damage is increased if you fabricate, your opponent uses your PXG or you BEWD anything.
    BEWD allows filling of the prep area and discounted purchase cost of characters.
    PXG is the best form ramp and churn in unlimited.
    The Oppression Begins works against the Beholder/Ultraman teams and was actually purchased due to it’s effectiveness at clearing swarm teams and filling that prep area.
    Vigilante Justice is awesome. If you have this action die active, when you BEWD one of your character, you get to target KO one of your opponent’s characters. Furthermore, when you fabricate Nitro and a sidekick with this die active, you get to target KO THREE of their characters. One has to be of equal or lower defense than Nitro, one because Nitro was ko’ed and a third because a sidekick was KO’ed. Thus I KO two of my characters, KO three of my opponent’s, increase my ramp and fuel x-23 with five dice now in the prep area.

    Overall, this team was so much fun to play in this super competitive environment and really made your opponent think twice about utilizing the PXG’s global. It allowed for lots of control and really was able to hold off the Bard rush. The downfall of this team was Elf Thief and only having the single win condition of X-23. Though Elf Thief’s the go-to two-cost mask character and effective at removing energy, this slot would be better filled by Mary Jane-MJ. MJ would allow X-23 to have overcrush and with that overcrush, more consistent pressure on my opponent. Additionally, MJ would allow me to not be as reliant on totally clearing the field prior to swinging with X-23. During my final match, I ran into Alfred MI-5 and just couldn’t clear multiples of this character off the board fast enough to allow X-23 to swing through for lethal. Finally, having X-23 as the sole source of damage made it difficult to close out a game if I swung for only 18 damage. Getting those final two life points was very, very difficult at times.

    I’d love to hear your constructive feedback on this team and hope you enjoy playing X-23 as much as I do.

    • Zack Green

      If it is just the matter of 2 damage, there is always the Wasp and Luke Cage Globals you could ping them with

    • Zack Green

      I have also seen the new momentum work well with fabricate. You could try to swap it with Oppression if you don’t think you’ll see many Beholders 🙂

    • Russell Love

      I really like this team. I have been playing one very similar. The main differences that I have on mine are Scarecrow, and MJ. MJ to give X-23 Overcrush.
      Another way I have used X-23 with speed in this setup is use Polymorph. You can poly her in on turn two. With VJ and fabricate it can get deadly on turn 3-4.
      I am looking at momentum on this team and actually removing PXG. I don’t find that the timing works well together. I know it sounds odd.
      But that team looks like a lot of fun.

      • Christopher Essock

        I would really love to fit Rarecrow on to this team but have trouble getting him out if I go first since most opponents love to RIP and Elf Thief on turn-one. That’s why I choose Nitro. Can you please explain how you get your Rarecrow out early?

        Thanks for the constructive feedback.

        • Russell Love

          So I do love that Nitro so don’t get me wrong he is also on many of my teams. If I am facing someone who runs Elf Thief. RIP Constanitne on turn one. They would have wasted the first purchase. Constantine allows you to name Elf Thief and she is then blanked and cannot steal energy. You then have time to get out Scarecrow or whomever I feel is the next step. Also the best away around Elf Thief is to do the globals on your turn. After skipping one PXG turn you can then have dice in your used that you can PXG on your turn. This cycle can continue, it’s just timing. Elf Thief can effect BEWD so you may need to save extra energy, once Scarecrow is out. Only if you are unable to keep naming Elf Thief.This is why I don’t feel the need for Elf Thief, as great as she is I feel it’s a simple work around. You will find Hellblazer makes a great partner to Scarecrow. I typically name whatever I want to steal next turn. I love when I have both out, name Bard . KO a bunch of my characters while using VJ then take Bard and attack to an open field. And with Fabricate on your team you have many options to KO your own Scarecrow.

          Hopefully this helps. Feel free to let me know if you have more ideas or questions.

          We appreciate you sharing and listening!