We review the new TMNT Heroes in a Half Shell Set, give an update on bag manipulation, and start Dreaming Double.

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  • BBpaintball

    The topic of using multiple versions is a discussion. after my own heart.
    A friend I have been playing a format called Team up. Its based on the idea from the comics of the 90s called Marvel Team Up.

    You use 2 unique characters and can fill out your team with as many versions of each as you like. I like the AVX Punisher Mcrook/Vigilante + AVX /UXM Prof X Combo.

  • Troy

    I always appreciate when someone calls out the real power of PXG – the churn. It took repeated playing (and losing) against someone who knew how to do this perfectly (and almost never use his bag) before I finally understood that most of the time, maintaining churn was actually more important than maintaining ramp.

    It seems to me in more recent sets, WizKids has been more intentional about balancing the two, as well as taking different approaches altogether – like Momentum, or even just Reclaim moving a die from your Used to Prep. It’s one less cost than Poly/Mutation, but does a very similar thing in that it helps what you just bought skip going through the bag.

    • DoctorJ

      I agree. My team uses Rip Hunter’s Chalkboard to avoid the bag, So I don’t use pxg.