We recap the Utah WKO, updating our drafting techniques for the PDC, and rotation.

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  • Kitty Masters

    I’m brewing Two-Face for Modern Age and Prime! I’ve played around with him since WF, because he’s so good!

    Rotation is such a great thing for a Johnny type like myself. So many different options and so many different things to look at and brew with! Thank goodness WizKids had the wisdom to ban Bard in Modern Age.

    Great episode!

    • Troy

      Yeah, I have to admit I’m glad he (Bard) is gone. We never used him much locally, but not having him means you have to be more creative to find a way to deal more damage. Sent me scrambling for other ways to get lethal. I’m currently having fun reviving Batman for Prime, using the Batman that I used to think was completely useless, but now I think could be pretty awesome. And it should make Russ happy, as it involves a lot of KOing!

  • kingironwolf

    The Scorched Wastelanders made it back to the Naked Pueblo safe and sound! Great broadcast, we will be back I am sure!

  • Gladiator_Posse

    Suggestion for a podcast segment:
    I heard someone has a Prof. X die cast in a Storm color scheme.
    How about a group discussion if you could re-combine any existing cast with a different existing color combo?
    I would LOVE a Batman die using CW Wasp colors.