In this episode we talk about our hidden gem: The Satchel of Unlimited Weaponry, a Beginner’s Guide to Aggro Teams, and Brewing With the Team.

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Show Notes:

Topics Covered

  • Hidden Gem: Satchel of Unlimited Weaponry – Chimichanga (00:46)
  • Beginner’s Guide To Aggro (14:36)
  • Brewing Buddies (34:06)
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  • Troy

    As a fellow Batman brewer, I hear you – I keep wanting to put Dick Grayson on my team, just ‘cuz he’s so fun, but I keep not doing it for many of the reasons you mention – he’s too vulnerable to something like Ronin, he’s just a little too expensive to get going reliably, other things are just faster. Right now I’m sticking with Batman + Luke Cage + Vigilante Justice, but I’m waffling on what to support it with. I like Mindless Ones as another way to either trigger the KO or provide fists as well as be decent attackers for 2-cost. I like Robin as an easy 3-cost add that swings heavy when next to Batman. I like the idea of Baron Zemo as an unblockable option if I can’t clear their field, and at 3-cost I can get two of him for the price of one Dick Grayson (and possibly still have a shield to RIP). I still want to keep Bruce Wayne on there, but I’m not sure if I even need to at this point. Had R Grodd to be able to pull a sidekick for a fist as well as a potential unblockable beatstick if I roll poorly and have 6 to spend.

    I also love playing with Static – he started out on my Batman team when I was focusing on Bruce Wayne, as I loved the idea of being able to KO my sidekick on my opponent’s turn and capture something, hopefully messing with the rest of their plans. Or pair with Babs to keep clearing their field, with Oracle and Agent Carter to tax them on the way back in. Problem with both of those is the lack of a clear win condition, but something like Heroic Defense can often make the rest of the team into a win-con if their field is clear.

    Our Prime is in 3 weeks, we’ll see if I stick with either of the above or go an entirely different way.