What is more important, Draws or Rolls? Our Featured Basic Action: Upgrade – Proton Cannon, and Analyzing Your Opponent’s Team and Adjusting to Win.

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Show Notes:

Topics Covered

  • Draws vs Rolls (00:48)
  • Featured Basic Action: Upgrade – Proton Cannon (14:00)

  • Analyzing Opponent’s Team and Adjusting (23:07)
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  • Troy

    Just finished the first segment. I probably agree a little bit with both sides, but one other part of the importance of both drawing and rolling is not drawing the wrong combination so that you have more of a chance of rolling badly. Like, if I want to get Batman and Robin out there, and I’ve got those two and eight sidekicks in my bag, drawing out both Batman and Robin and two sidekicks could be trouble if I roll them both on their 2-cost fielding sides.