We talk about The Defenders team pack, the new Flip Mechanic, and brewing a team using Wong – Dedicated to the Ancient One.

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  • Troy

    As I am posting the matchups for Round 4, I remembered I had two thoughts on your episode.

    Actually three, ‘cuz the first one was “Thanks!” The biggest barrier to people playing online is just not knowing how or thinking they need to know how to run complicated software, so this “how to” was awesome.

    On that note, though, I wanted to point out one of the simplest ways to play that you didn’t cover – a tablet. Especially since actual working PCs are starting to become a bit scarce. Granted, this setup is not as nice as having a basic web-cam that you can position, so if you do have a decent computer and are ok buying a $30-$60 piece of hardware to make the experience better, definitely go that way! But like you (KT) said to Russ, the best solution is the one you have, so for many the first toe in the water might just be a tablet – most cases stand it up such that you can view the screen and then put your matt on the other side where the camera is pointing slightly down at it. Super simple.

    On the opposite side of that, though, you mentioned YouTube Live and the possibility of using that to stream the game and then be able to record it for later viewing. While I think most people could probably figure out how to do a YouTube Live broadcast themselves, it may not be as obvious how to broadcast a dual screen set up. Perhaps a quick tutorial from a Dice Masters specific perspective would be helpful? I can especially see this being cool as we get to the Top Cut.

    Thanks again for another awesome episode!