We talk about the Rigorous Training card from Sidekick Night, running leagues vs tournaments, and when to stop brewing and start tuning a team.

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  • Kage

    I don’t see how that ruling says Hush only preps one die…there was only one Hush die in the example.

    I still want a ruling on it. That ruling doesn’t suggest to me it’s only “one” prep die…even though that’s how I want it to work.

    Regenerate replaces KO…that means you get one prep because he was only knocked out once despite the 50 attempts to regenerate.

    For me that doesn’t satisfy the question of what happens when you have multiple Hush dice that get KO’d. The difference with Fabricate is that it is asking you to perform the KO, not complete it. That’s why it doesn’t say, “Successfully KO”.

    We have kicked the topic so much at our local shops that it’s painful to say Hush…and there are good points and rulings that offer suggestions to how Hush can play.

    Point is, they just need to make an official ruling on it…because none of these really do satisfy the question.