We review the brand new Spider-Man Maximum Carnage Team Pack, how to take the unblockable mechanic to the next level, and a listener submitted Brewing Buddies!

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  • Christopher Essock

    Loved the Brewing Buddies segment and I could tell Russ did too!

    The reason I like using Flesh Golem with Nitro is because you can fabricate just Nitro and a sidekick early on for control.

    I really need to try out the Batman global and Misdirection as these are absolutely great suggestions while retaining the overall feel of BEWD.

    Thanks for a great show and everything you do for the community.

  • Christopher Essock

    Another difference between Flesh Golem and Clay Golem is the level three fielding cost. I always seem to roll my golems on level three and would much rather pay two than three.