Black Rock Shooter the Game Figma

It’s been one hell of a year and on the last day i got Black Rock Shooter the Game Figma. Of all the Figmas i’ve got over the past year this one i wasn’t expecting to be all that great from all the pictures and ads i’ve seen since she was announced and released but after i got her she turned out to be a great buy.

From the original BRS to BRStG version they in my opinion made her more proportioned, looks better and doesn’t have as much shiny clothing like her hands and coat. The wings on her back do get in the way and isn’t as movable as i would hope for but does come off very easy so if they do get in the way just remove them, plus the smaller wings also move as well. This version on BRS is a bit taller as well and well has a very big belt buckle, I don’t know why this caught my attention  but i felt i should mention this. Some of her draw backs would be the front hair piece and face. Normally when you take off the front hair piece the face doesn’t come off but with her the face sits loose on the face base but as long as the front hair piece is on that doesn’t really matter, it’s more of a observation than a real flaw. The hands are very tight as well, so if you got her you know what i mean. When you place the new hands in the arm sockets they feel like if you try move or remove them, it’s almost like your going to break the hand off it’s peg. (I do recommend being careful with them.)

Over all this version on BRS i like better and i hope to use her in future projects, at least until the end of the month were there will be another version of BRS coming out with the Art Book “BLK”. I hope you come back when it comes out and read on what i find out about the new version and this neat art book! Oh yes i must mention that i noticed i have way to many black things on my desk and a lot of the pictures kinda of blended in, so i’m sorry about the shots, i’m hoping to set up a real place to take pictures in the future.

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  • Anonymous

    Hey, I just got this and I’m having trouble attaching the cannon to one of her hands. I noticed you didn’t take any pictures with the cannon attachment, is this why?

    • I left a small comment and images just above this.

  • Anonymous

    Sorry about your last comment Zorkinian, i miss read it and noticed i didn’t have a real account so i set one up (silly me). So i took some pictures how i got the cannon to fit. What you have to do is take the hand you want to have on the cannons grip and put your finger nail in the inside of the hand and genitally open it then put it on the handle of the cannon and it should look like the 1st image. If your still having problems let me know i’ll try to help as much as i can.

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