CES 2021: Pi-Top Robotics Kit

This is an excellent kit that uses the Raspberry Pi to get your kids interested in STEAM! I get to interview Jesse Lozano about the Pi-Top!

For more information about Pi-Top check out their website!

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CES 2021: Breezm

This is a video all glasses wearers should watch! We talk with Gin Park from Breezm about their way of getting glasses!

For more information about Breezm check out their website!

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CES 2021: j5Create

I was super excited to see the product line up from j5Create! They make a lot of gear that streamers should check out! One of my favorites is a capture card that can take in two inputs!

For more information about j5Create check out their website!

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CES 2021: WOWCube

It’s a new way to game with cubes! Check out our interview with Max Filin about WOWCube!

For more information about WOWCube check out their website!

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CES 2021: CES Recap

Joey Image and I cover the headlines that caught our eyes from CES 2021!

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CES 2021: LudoTech’s OLEM

Board games are bigger than ever! LudoTech is adding a robot into the mix! Check out our interview with LudoTech’s Alexis Lemey about OLEM.

For more information about LudoTech and OLEM check out their website.

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CES 2021: Heatbox: The Self-Heating Lunchbox

Looking for a way to heat your lunch? Look no farther than the Heatbox! Check out our interview with Amit Jaura from Heatbox.

For more information about Heatbox check out their Indiegogo.

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CES 2021: Astreas and Mission: Space Food

Mission: Space Food is looking to take space food to the next level. Watch the video below to find out about Astreas and how you can get half your recommended daily vitamins with just one bite!

For more information about Astreas check out Mission: Space Food’s website.

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CES 2021: Skadu

Want to speed up washing the dishes? The Skadu will help you do that! Watch our interview with Hannan Hakim about the Skadu and their crowdfunding journey.

For more information about Skadu check out Hyper Lychee’s website.

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CES 2020: EyeQue

Do you have trouble finding time to go to the eye doctor? That is definitely something I struggle with doing on a regular bases. When we ran into this booth at CES I knew we had to make a video. Check out our video below to find out how you can do vision tests at home!

For more information about EyeQue and their home vision monitoring kit check out their website.

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