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CES 2019: Arcade1Up

Arcade machines have a special place in my heart. Sure you can play a lot of these games on many different devices but the experience just isn’t the same. There’s just something about walking up to an arcade machine and taking the controls that makes it feel just right. Arcade1Up’s goal is to try and bring that experience into your home. Check out our interview with Scott to see all their different offerings coming out this year. There is something for everyone!

For more information about Arcade1Up check out their website.

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CES 2019: Hexgears Mechanical Keyboards

It’s that time of year again! We were at CES 2019 trying to find all the coolest new tech coming this year. We kick off our coverage with something near and dear to my heart… mechanical keyboards. Check out our interview with Andrew from Hexgears about their brand new offerings!

For more information about Hexgears check out their website.

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Continuing our Origins 2018 Coverage, I get to interview one of my favorite game companies! Check out the video below where I talk to Rob Dougherty from White Wizards Games. If you are a fan of Star Realms, Epic Card Game or Hero Realms you will not want to miss it!

Check out White Wizard Games:

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Origins Game Fair 2018 – CMON’s Eric Lang

Our 2018 Origins Game Fair coverage kicks off in a big way! We got to interview the one and only Eric Lang (one of our favorite game designers)! Watch the video below to learn a little more about Eric and his design philosophy.

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Origins 2017 Recap!

Origins Game Fair 2018 is coming up! For those not familiar with the convention, this is a 5 day board game convention in Columbus Ohio. Last year was our first time attending this competition and it was a blast! As in Ktdata.Net tradition, we put together some videos and podcasts for you.

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SaltCON 2018: Towers of Conquest

I always love finding new games and especially ones that have their own unique twist. Towers of Conquest is definitely one of those games. Check out our interview with Troy about Towers of Conquest.

For more information about the Towers of Conquest check out their website.

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SaltCON 2018: Gamefolio

Traveling with a bunch of board games is always a struggle. Init is here to help with their Gamefolio system! Check out our interview with Curtis about the Gamefolio System.

For more information about the Gamefolio System check out their website.

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SaltCON 2018: Moonquake Escape

We kickoff our SaltCON 2018 coverage by trying to escape with Moonquake Escape! Check out our interview with Jeff about his game Moonquake Escape.

For more information about Moonquake Escape check out their website.

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Coming to you live from Salt Con 2018! We have a Rules forum update, our 11th Card: Valindra Shadowmantle – The Right Hand of Szass Tam, and we Errata Iron Will!

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CES 2017 Behind The Scenes

CES 2018 has just wrapped up! We have been posting some 360 degree “behind the scenes” videos from us on the show floor on Twitter and Facebook. Below you will find all the videos we posted while at the show. When watching make sure to rotate the screen around to get the full view! Keep an eye on the site as we will be posting our interviews from the show soon!

Driving to Vegas

Made it to Vegas



Nissan Booth

LG Booth

Sony Booth

Eska Party

Dinner at SuraBBQ

Crowds at Kino-Mo

Ending the show at Hash House A Go Go

Driving Home