Batman Draft Cheat Sheet

Draft Cheat Sheet

Written by Zacgree

This is a little cheat sheet that Double Burst has come up with to help you out in your drafts. It lists our favorite cards in the set and a little reminder on how they can help you win your draft. That way no matter what you pull in your packs you can find something that works for you. Good luck!!

You can also download a printer friendly version of the Cheat Sheet here.


Dove C, UC – Pay SHIELD. Target attacking character die gets -1A

Hawk C, UC – Pay FIST. Target attacking character die gains +1A (until end of turn). Character dice may only be targeted by this Global Ability once per turn

Ra’s al Ghul C, UC – Pay MASK. Target character card loses VILLAIN (until end of turn)

Darkseid UC – Pay 1. Move a die from your Prep Area to your Used Pile. Then, draw a die from your bag and add it to your Prep Area

Firefly R – Pay BOLT. Once per turn, choose target VILLAIN character die. When that die attacks, deal 1 damage to your opponent



Ace the Bat Hound – Cheap Bat family ally

Batarang – Villain removal w/ boomerang

Batgirl – +1A & +1D with other active bat family die

Batman – Prevents single die attacks from Villains (Flip A) or Non-Villains (Flip B) (Flip card)

Batwoman – Extra dice (Flip A) or direct damage (Flip B) based on bag draws (Flip Card)

Commissioner Gordon – Non-Villains are 2 less to field

Conner Kent – Blank w/ good stats

Firefly – Direct damage when fielded (for each bolt character). Must for a bolt team.

Harley Quinn – Draw a die when Villain is fielded. Good ramp for Villain teams

Hawkgirl – Aggro character that spins up when attacks. Good stats

Huntress – Direct damage (attack value) to character when fielded

Hush – KO Bat family character when fielded (use with Trusted Friend BAC)

Jervis Tetch – Take control of SK. Good for Aggro team

Mister Miracle – Can’t be targeted by opposing actions or abilities (use with your actions or abilities)

Mr. Freeze – Stun dice to prevent attacking. Good control against aggro or attacking abilities

Nightwing – Cheaper actions for you (Flip A), or more expensive for opponent (Flip B) (Flip Card)

Owlman – Big buffs to Villains, but high cost and is not a Villain himself. Good for all Villain team

Red Hood – When attacks, he gains +1A for each other attacking character die.

Rip Hunter – Allows you to redraw dice you didn’t want to try to get the ones you want (Good churn)

The Joker – Buffs Bat family (Flip A) or controls attackers unless energy fee is paid (Flip B) (Flip card)

The Riddler – Good blocker or attacker (when attacks can swap it’s A & D)

Utility Belt – Continuous Action: +3A (Flip A) or +3A & +3D (Flip B). Use with Gadgeteer. (Flip card)



Ace the Bat Hound – +2A w/ opposing active Villain. Good Aggro

Batarang – Continuous Action. Direct character damage. Good w/ Bat family & Gadgeteer

Batwoman – Can’t be blocked when attacking with a Villain (Flip A) or by non-Villains w/o a fee paid (Flip card)

Catwoman – Deal damage (Flip A) or get a buff (Flip B) each time you flip a character card (Flip card)

Commissioner Gordon – Ramp with Bat family team

Conner Kent – Can’t be blocked by Villains

Dove – Good blocker stats, move to prep after taking damage

Ra’s al Ghul – Non-Villains can’t attack unless energy is paid. Good control card (use with Global)

Firefly – When KO’d, deal 2 damage to your opponent if you have any BOLT energy in your Reserve Pool.

Hawk – Amazing w/ Dove & way to KO her. Direct damage when she is KO’d.

Hawkgirl – Spin up when a sidekick attacks (either players)

Jervis Tetch – Control an opponent’s die to help you block

Killer Croc – KO Weenies when fielded

Mister Miracle – When KO’d bring him back and send another die to prep

Mr. Freeze – Stuns who he blocks or is blocked by. Good aggro control

Nightwing – Can ping small dice to get rid of blockers for aggro

Orion – Good w/ Unblockable added to him (pay 1 to move him to prep instead of used -repeat)

Red Hood – Direct damage when attacking to remove a blocker or control die

Rip Hunter – Name a character, then when it is drawn you can spin it to any side

The Question – Gets buff using actions. Has Gadgeteer. Good with Ramp & Unblockable actions



Bat Signal – Continuous Action: One cost to buff and spin up a Non-Villain die (can also flip a card)

Batarang – Spin up your Bat family character dice. Has Boomerang

Batgirl – Buff other Bat family dice

Batman – Rerolls opponents Villains (Flip A) or Non-Villains (Flip B) (Flip card)

Batwoman – Deals 4 to Villain (Flip A) or Non-Villain (Flip B) blockers. Good w/ overcrush. (Flip card)

Conner Kent – Gets +1A for each of your opponent’s active Villain character Dice

Dove – Great blocker stats that spins up

Firefly – Bolts = Direct damage when fielded

Harley Quinn – 2 active Villain characters = 1 damage to opponent and 1 health for you

Hawk – Spin to lvl 3 when you take damage

Hawkgirl – You can spin up attacking Non-Villains

Hush – +2A w/ any active Bat family

Jervis Tetch – When Jervis attacks you take control of a 4 cost (or less) and have to attack with it

Mr. Freeze – Stun any die when he takes combat damage

Orion – When fielded, deal 2 to your opponent. When attacks, deal 2 to your opponent

Parademon – When a player draws one or more dice, deal 1 damage to that player

Red Hood – 1 damage to blockers when he attacks

Rip Hunter – Prevent first damage. Great control against aggro, overcrush, or ping damage

The Penguin – Opponent must pay life to flip Bat family cards

The Question – Good blocker on Non-Villain teams (gains regenerate)

Two-Face’s Coin – KO die you control & an opponent’s (Flip A) or gain 1 life (Flip B) (Flip card)

Two-Face – Ping damage each time you (Flip A) or an opponent (Flip B) flips a card (Flip card)


Super Rares:

Darkseid – Sidekicks have Swarm

Mister Miracle – Your action dice gain Boomerang

Owlman – Your Villain’s get buffed

The Joker – Can’t be blocked by Villains (Flip A) or Non-Villains (Flip B) (Flip card)

White Lantern Aquaman – Deal 1 to opponent when they field a sidekick

White Lantern Dove – When opponent’s character deals damage to you, deal 1 to opponent

White Lantern Hal Jordan – When you Flip a card, deal 1 to opponent

White Lantern Superman – When opposing Villain die is KO’d deal 1 to opponent


Thanks to everyone who posted spoilers so we can have this ready day one

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