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Customize That!
Article 1
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By: TheBrownMessiah

Hey guys! We would like to introduce you to a new series of articles. This one will be called “Customize That!” since it was originally inspired by the “Errata That!” segments from our podcasts.

We want to feature all things customization. Whether it be cards, playmats, dice, dice towers, or anything else Dice Masters related, we want to share it with you.


In this article, we worked in conjunction of a couple of Dice Masters fans from Indiana that introduced us to their latest customization. Layne and his dad Mark were so inspired by our “Errata That!” segment that they started making custom Dice Masters cards. So far they have made the following cards: The Flash, Spider-Man, and lastly the Deck of Many Things


Without further ado here is Layne:


Hello! I am Layne, a ten-year-old home-schooled student from Indiana. I’ll be working on this column with my dad, Mark. We both love Dice Masters. Before I even started playing Dice Masters and making my own cards for fun, my dad bought some common cards from the  $0.25 bin because they looked cool.

A few weeks later, at a Tuesday game night, the owner of my nearest store taught me—and my dad—how to play Dice Masters using the brand new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles set. It was so much fun that we bought the set right after we learned how to play that night!

Two days after that, we participated in our first Rainbow Draft, in which we drafted from an Amazing Spider-Man gravity feed. We were pretty happy with the cards we got and the friends we made. To this day we still go to our store’s Rainbow Drafts on Thursdays.

On June 1st, my dad showed me how to make my own Dice Masters cards on the computer. I experimented with the Photoshop document for a while and started creating the cards that you guys see today.

My dad loved the Charles Vess artwork on the Web of Spider-Man, issue #1 cover when he was younger, so he picked that one to be featured. He has a replica print of that cover to personalize his Dice Masters storage box.

The Spider-Man card removes the abilities of Venom and Carnage because the black suit that Spider-Man wore was the first symbiote. We chose the ASM dice because this set needed an “amazing” card.

Thanks for checking out the cards we have made. We’ll be back soon with more!



The Flash – Barry Allen

The First card Layne made was The Flash inspired by Episode 7 and mentioned in Episode 8.

Layne’s first card: The Flash was the whole reason we wanted to try out Customize That! His excellent timing and spot on ability captured exactly what Steve, Dr. J., and The KO King. His 12 cost is was the deal breaker for me. All of us at Double Burst had a great laugh.  

Spider-Man – Web

As someone who grew up with the 90’s Spider-Man cartoon, I LOVE this custom card! The Venom suit Spider-Man was always my favorite look for the wall crawler; It’s super slick and the spider design looks really good. Additionally, the ability is very flavorful, Being the first person to bond with the Venom Symbiote, it would make sense he would blank other versions and other symbiotes. Peter Parker Venom ftw!

Deck of Many Things – Epic Magical Object

Mark and Layne also tackled our most recent Errata That! segment featuring the Deck of Many Things. This one is a really cool errata and it would have been a cool way to ramp. I love action ramp. I like what Layne has done here. However if you’re wrong, You lose the incorrectly named one. The global is way cool too. A bit on the strong side with any Actions and Characters. But very cool idea.

If you all like these, we’ll keep it going, so be sure to let us know. Also, if you have any ideas, requests, or your own custom cards let us know and we will do our best to feature it.

Thanks for stopping by and checking it out. Let us know what you think in the comments below or hit us up on our Facebook page!

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