Deadpool Draft Strategies

Deadpool Draft Strategies




By Dr. J


After having an opportunity to draft the new Deadpool set, the Double Burst crew is back with another installment of our draft strategies! The new set is great and has a lot of awesome cards in it. There is a problem though, a lot of these cards are amazing in a constructed format, but most of them don’t synergize well in set. This can make a Deadpool draft particularly challenging. Don’t get me wrong, it is still a blast to draft, but it may take a little more brain power to come up with a great draft team. But don’t worry, because Double Burst has got you covered. We’ll lay out a few of the draft strategies that worked for us and you can try them out, or you can put your own spin on them and let us know how they worked out for you. So without further ado, let’s get into the strategies.

Flying Monkey


This strategy was the second strategy that I lost to in our local draft, and I have to give credit to Kenpool for crushing me with it. It revolves around Hit Monkey – He’s a Hitman, Who’s a Monkey. When Hit Monkey is blocked its controller may pay a fist to have Hit Monkey deal his damage to the opposing player instead of the assigned blockers. This is a very nasty ability that makes your opponent decide if they want to block and take the damage, or let him through and take the damage. Either option sucks. Kenpool made this amazing ability even more potent by playing the uncommon Flying Car with it. The Flying Car allows you to put the action on one of your character cards, and while it is on the card, if you field a character from that card it gets +2A until the end of the turn. This means that Hit Monkey is hitting for at least 5A on the turn he is fielded.


dp-uc-hit-monkey dp-uc-flying-car












This strategy works best with some defensive characters with big stats, like a M.O.D.O.K. or a Shiklah. You can wall up to defend yourself and your Hit Monkey is still going to get the damage through. You could also pair it up with any basic action that buffs characters and after a few hits your opponent will be reeling. And speaking from personal experience there is nothing as humiliating as getting hit in the face by your opponent’s monkey and not being able to do anything about it.



Satchel of Unlimited Burn

Another great strategy to utilize in draft uses the rare Satchel of Unlimited Weaponry. This was another part of Kenpool’s team that made me feel the burn. The satchel’s ability is simply: when you play it deal 2 damage to your opponent for each action die in your field. Now you may be saying, “but Dr. J, there aren’t many continuous actions in this set!” I know. That is why you have to abuse your basic actions to get this to work. If your basic actions are unlimited in the draft, then bring the Turtle Van. It is a 2-cost basic action with a great defensive ability. If your opponent isn’t expecting your strategy, you can probably buy at least 2 of them, and once they are in the field, let the burn begin. If you really want to screw with your opponent’s head, bring the gear basic actions from Faerun Under Siege and just flood your field with unequipped gear. It sounds like a jerk move I know, because it is, but it’s also effective. The uncommon Flying Car is also considered in the field when it is on a character card, so keep that in mind too. I think this strategy will work best in unlimited, but it is still a monster in a draft.


tmnt-turtlevan dp-r-satchel













The Black Death

This strategy was one that I didn’t get to see played because I don’t think the card was in any of the pods that we drafted, but it is an effective and painful combo nonetheless. It uses the rare Black Bolt and any other character with Deadly. His ability is: when he is fielded, you can give target character die +2D and if that character has deadly, all of your opponent’s characters must block that character if able. That means that if you have a Deadpool in the field and you field Black Bolt all of your opponent’s character will block Deadpool and at the end of the turn they will all get KOed. This strategy is great for two reasons. First, If your opponent has a bunch of characters in the field and you only have a few, you can clear out there field without any real danger to your own defenses. Second, if you have enough to kill your opponent, but those pesky blockers are in the way, then you can attack with all of your characters, and everything except the Deadly character will go through. Pair him with some uncommon Negasonic Teenage Warheads and you will be doing some major damage to your opponent.


dp-r-black-bolt              `dp-uc-negasonic




The Amazing…Miguel?

       All of the versions of Miguel O’Hara are good in this set, but by far the best in draft is the rare. His ability is that he has fast as well as a Back For More ability which allows you to deal 1 damage to your opponent when you roll him from the prep area. He is basically a beefier and more intimidating version of Black Widow – Stinger. The strategy is simple; you buy him and you attack with him. If your opponent doesn’t block they take 5 damage, and if they do block and knock him out, they take 1 damage and risk him coming back next turn. On top of all that, he also has fast, which makes him an excellent blocker. I would encourage you to pair him up with an overcrush basic action like Hulk Out or Anger Issues. His attack stats are already high, so pumping him up some more just increases his threat level.

        If you aren’t lucky enough to pull the rare in draft, you can probably still take the common. His ability send dice back to your opponent’s bag when he knocks them out. This is great for both blocking or attacking, especially if they have a wall of sidekicks. Keep an eye out for the common version on one of my future unlimited teams, because bag stuffing is an incredibly powerful ability.


dp-r-miguelohara dp-c-miguelohara













Where We’re Going, We Don’t Need Roads

This strategy is also a fun strategy that I don’t think we saw in our local draft, but you know it’s good. It uses the rare Flying Car action and any character with high attack stats. Its ability is; when you play it, one of your character dice will deal its damage to your opponent as if it had been unblocked. The character then goes to the used pile afterwards. This is a nasty card because there are quite a few characters in this set that have good attack stats and low purchase costs. Negasonic Teenage Warhead is a good example, as well as Domino, Angel Dust, and Miguel O’Hara. Just get them fielded and when the action rolls punch them in the face. I think this ability works best with the Polymorph action and global. You can use the action to get your character back into the field quickly, and you can use the global to spin them to their highest level before punching. I don’t usually include Super Rare strategies in the drafting articles, but if you get X-23, pair it up with the flying car and your opponent will be dead in no time.















Other Helpful Cards


This set has a lot of good control and defensive cards to help keep you alive while you work towards your win condition. I am including the cards that I found to be the most helpful to support your win condition.

Stepford Cuckoos: The uncommon and the common are the best in draft. They allow you to move dice from the field to the prep without KOing characters. Use them in a combo with Madame hydra to deal damage to your opponent while stuffing their bag. The uncommon version works well with the basic action Banishment.

Lockjaw: The common and rare are both excellent draft choices. The common gives you the ability to clear a field of cheap characters and the rare gives you fairly consistent life gain. His defensive stats are good too, so it’s not easy for your opponent to remove him.

Storm: The uncommon and rare are both great draft choices. The uncommon makes it illegal for your opponent to reroll their basic actions, and the rare deals them 1 damage each time you use a basic action. Pair either one up with Superhero Registration Act and you can really ruin your opponent’s day.

Shiklah: The rare Shiklah allows you to prep a sidekick at the start of each of your turns. This is great for two things; ramp and churn. Since it is at the start of your turn, you get to move the sidekick over before reloading your bag, and it gives you an extra die to roll. The down sides are her stats, they aren’t very good, but get her on level three and she can hold her own without too much trouble. Just remember to USE HER ABILITY AT THE START OF EACH TURN! (Stupid Shiklah)

Agent Carter: Both her common and rare are good, but they are also two-edged swords. The common makes each player stuff sidekicks into their bag if they are KOed, while the rare makes sidekicks more expensive to field. This makes blocking with sidekicks much less attractive and forces your opponent to make harder decisions.


These are just a few of the effective draft strategies that we have found. There are plenty more to be discovered in this set and we look forward to finding out more as we participate in more drafts. We hope that this article and the accompanying draft “cheat sheet” is helpful to you in preparing for your local tournaments. If you have any questions or comments about these strategies or one that have worked effectively for you, please send us a message or leave us a comment. Until next set, may the rolls be ever in your favor.



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