KickCast – Beta 3

Isaac and I talk about the MG: Android portable gaming system, the mPrinter, Orson Bohn’s rock collection and the FACET iPad stand.

We are getting closer to a non-beta release! There are still a few bugs I’m still trying to iron out right now. If you hear those “glitches” I think I found the source of the problem, I think the hard drive I’m recording to is going bad so I have a replacement on the way. There are also some minor things that we will fix (like me leaning out of the shot) in the next beta. I still gotta add things like lower thirds and programming the switcher board that should be up by next beta.

Since this podcast is still in beta, we are looking for some feedback. Please feel free to email us any kind of feedback, good or bad, to kickcast “AT” We hope you enjoy the podcast, Isaac and I have a blast making it!

You can find us on most of the major social media sites:

Twitter: @Kickcast


Google+: KickCast

Pinterest: Ktdata

Also you can come watch us record live too. We are still working on exact dates and times but it will be found here: Live.KickCast.Net


Show Notes:

MG: Portable Gaming System for Android


Orson Bohn Rock Legacy

FACET iPad Stand

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