Interview with the Dead.

Here we have another Black Rock Shooter (BRS) Figma, Dead Master. With a large bone looking scythe and 2 floating skulls, this Figma does prove to be very nice and very unique. From the BRS Figma line, Dead Master is one of the harder ones to find and thus has become rare among collectors.

Like most of the Figma lines, Dead Master does show to be very possible for various battle scenes or action posses. But alike some Figmas, there is some things about this one that are annoying. The 2 skulls that she comes with have a hard time fitting into the stand that come with. I don’t want to force them in to hard since i’ve had issues of almost/have broke parts of the figures by doing that. Since her hands are very long and boney like, getting her to hold the scythe can be hard and if your also trying to be careful, you’ll have a small fight waiting for you trying to get her to hold that. This isn’t a real issue but more of me just being careful, but the wings on her back i just feel could break off easy. So if you just got Dead Master i would be very careful around her back area.

If your a BRS fan and want to get Dead Master for your collection i would advise to check out since i’ve seen her pop up there from time to time for about 4000 yen.

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