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Real Acton Heroes is a doll manufacture of popular shows from Star Wars to Legend of Zelda (LInk) but don’t get these mixed up with the dolls hanging in your grandmas house. This Saber comes from Fate/Zero that came with a bonus summoning circle for first release buyers. What drove me to like this Saber she comes with more than one face pallet, which isn’t very common for Real Action Heroes.

The Real Action Heroes dolls are more like big action figures since they have ball joints and double jointed elbows that allow them for more of an array of poses. What makes these dolls different is under the skin is a frame or the skeleton for the back, shoulders, hips and head to move more freely.

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Saber’s armor does come off as well has her clothing (for all you pervs out there) and also comes with 2 different sets of hands for with and without her gauntlets, both sets allow her to hold Excalibur and Avalon. Her stand is a 3 pivot joint with a claw to hold the doll either by the waist or other places, this kind of stand is very common with the Figma line of action figures.

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A very nice part about this Real Action Heroes doll is the different face pallets you get, in most of the other dolls they only have one fixed faceplate.

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I found this doll to be very good crafted and it doesn’t help that Saber is one of my favorite Type-Moon characters and with Alter Saber version coming out later this year I recommend looking into the Real Action Heroes dolls to find your favorite. But be warned they are kinda pricy but I think well worth it.

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