Azone Caster!

First off i have to say that this Azone is my first doll so forgive me if it looks weird or wrong, i would love to hear if anyone has tips or tricks for getting my Caster looking better. You can email me here at

Several months back i heard about a Azone Caster and i just finished playing Fate Extra so trying to find a site that was preordering her was high on my priority list. But at last i got my hands on this lovely doll and i don’t have a clue how to take care of her beside what i’ve read in the manual and talked with a few people over the web. (Thanx to all you who helped, you know who you are) But i have to point out a few things about Caster from the prototype, like i think there is more hair in the final product than in the ones from the picture so that leaves a few options.

1) Cut the hair into the pictures style.

2) Style it to make it looks similar to  the picture.

3) Ignore it all and just love her for her.

4) Leave her in the box so not even the light of day to touch her.

I’ve chosen #2 since i wanted to have her displayed in all her glory, but this leaves some problems that if you own her you find out very fast.

1) Her tail is HEAVY.

2) Her shoes don’t like to stay on the feet very well.

3) The right arm join is kinda lose and doesn’t stay up for posing.

4) Her ears and ribbon can be hard to get just right on her head.

But besides all these problems they are easy to fix unless you went out and took pictures of her in the snow… If you find yourself wanting one of these Casters i have bad news for you all, she was an exclusive doll from Hobby Japan and have been sold out for months but you might get lucky to find one for a good price at Mandrake or maybe even Ebay, but i’m sure they’ll be a pretty penny.

Since this was my first doll i’m glad i picked her up and i’m sure i’ll be picking more of them up in due time, and for the next times i do reviews on Azones i’ll try some new things unless they have a huge heavy tail.


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