BLK – Huke Selected Works and BRSB Figma!

A few months ago i posted a re-review for a Art Book called BLK. I just received this and it’s just beautiful!! 240 pages of art work by Huke who designed the characters for Steins; Gate and Black Rock Shooter. The book it self is hard bound with a cover sleeve of some featured art work from the book and a small insert of BRSB for what i think is a freebie of some sort. Flipping through some of the pages i was very impressed on the deal of work that went into these pages of art, so much that i had to share this with everyone. There are some i think original art by Huke of some Mechas, Armored Troops and some characters i don’t think i recognize from any one anime or manga so if anyone has picked up this art book let me know if you happen to figure it out.

This amazing art book came with a bonus, Black Rock Shooter BEAST!! Unlike the rest of the versions they combined a lot of the other designs of the Black Rock characters all into this one and it looks very nice aside one part that i don’t like. For most of you who that see this will think about Kingdom Hearts with that flame crown she has on and the sword but that crown is the one thing about this figure i’m not a fan of, it’s not that i hate it just looks weird for me. One of the best things about her is the tattoo on her back i think that was very good and adds some character. But the over all way they designed her was just a good as the book it self , this package was worth every cent i payed for it. If you love art or collecting art books then you wanna get this, it’s worth every penny you pay for it and if my pictures don’t say enough then you have to get this.

Just a fair warning if you haven’t looked up this book online, the shipping will be pretty bad since it has some good weight to it.


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