BRS – Black Rock Shooter Animation Figma

With a growing popularity Black?Rock Shooter (BRS) has been seen as a few different Figmas in the past and with the release of Black?Rock Shooter The Animation, yet another BRS makes it’s way to the Figma line but this one is a bit different.  1st off the jacket, if you didn’t know better you would think it’s made out of rubber since it’s flexible, also the tail coats have independent joins to them allowing for posing or dynamic action stances.


Unlike the previous versions this one has a hooded head piece that acts as another head allowing to put in other faces. Next is the cannon, this part i found to be very good since the painting on it looks almost like it’s rustic and has seen it’s fair share of battles. The barrel has 3 pieces that move for a more powerful attack or just to look that much cooler, you be the judge.

The one thing about this version that stands out from the other BRS’s is how dynamic you can make her posing.

With joints in the upper torso and hips gives her a brood range of poses you can put her in but there was one thing i noticed that was kinda weird. On the box it shows that she has black soles but at least mine she has grey soles, so i don’t know if it was a change at the last minute or what but it’s not that big of a deal for me.


The Cannon does have a easy way to put it on!!


The rear bar does come off and the handle also is detachable so if you happen to try and get her hand in there and it breaks, don’t worry it was meant to do that. Also the hands that are meant for the cannon do really move so don’t be worried when you try to open the hand and it moves very easy that you think it’s going to break, it’s meant to do that.

As you can see the handle comes off here so just be very careful you don’t lose this piece since if you do then i’m sure it’s not going to fun trying to find.

Of all the BRS Figams this one is my favorite and i hope to see all the other(s) that comes out from the Animation series to be this good if not better.   

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