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Disgaea released back in 2003 on the Playstation 2 and was of many tactical role-playing games (TRPG) out at the time. However, that did now stop Disgaea from reshaping the world of TRPG’s. After 10 long years the sequel Disgaea D2 has finally arrived. Be prepared to lose lots of sleep exploring and discovering a whole new story in Disgaea D2.

At the end of Disgaea we saw Laharl finally become the Overlord, he learns that not many demons are willing to recognize his position or authority. Laharl decides to go on another journey to demonstrate his power as the new Overlord with a few familiar faces. Joining him is  a girl who claims to be his sister, a wacky angel who’s hell bent on the idea on love and of course wave after wave of demons trying to take the throne. Laharl just might just have his work cut out for him.


Master/Pupil System 

Disgaea D2 has added in a Master/Pupil system which allows the pupil to gain new skills and weapon proficiencies, as the master gets a stat boost. So the more pupils a master has means doing just that much more damage.



Disgaea D2 allows you to create monsters to join your party and letting you mount them. Mounting combines a humanoid character and a monster type character letting them unleash powerful attacks and also sharing abilities. However when you’re attacked on a mounted monster, they take the damage.


The Dojo 

The Dojo is a place for characters to gain beneficial stats and bonus to level up.  Once unlocked you can change each characters training so play around this to find that right combination for extra damage.

Cheating Chart

Disgaea D2 has a fun addition called the Cheating Chart, this allows you to alter how you gain Hail, Experience , and even how fast you gain weapon proficiency. As you progress through the game you can gain more points to find your sweet cheating spot.



Flonne plays a big role in the Likeability system. This lets you build a relationship with other characters that will increase your team up attack chance, switching places when you’re attacked and dealing more damage. Your likeability level with monster type characters will help determine how much damage they’ll do while mounted. The more you do team up attacks the better your relationship will work out but watch out, sometimes love can kill.


Final note

I’ve played the Disgaea series since the beginning and they kept all the same elements that the franchise has been known for and even added a few. Whether you’re a returning player or just picked it up for the first time, Disgaea D2 has a great tutorial to get you up to speed. Disgaea D2 has all the draw from the first game and so much more just waiting to be discovered whether you love to grind, fighting in the item world, throwing prinnies all over the place, bribing senators or fighting them it’s all here, so kiss all your sleep goodbye.

Coming to Playstation 3 October 8th, 2013 you can purchase Disgaea D2 on Amazon.com, Nisamerica.com or from Playstation Network.

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