When your country is in dark times from monster invasion and you lose your best soldiers, fear not because here comes Battle Princess Plume. Join the brigade and fight monsters, wage siege wars and even fight giant boss monsters in this high paced-action packed RPG, so help Plume save the kingdom in Battle Princess of Arcadias.


Battle Princess of Arcadias follows a 2D side-scrolling action RPG platform where you can take part in either Normal Combat, Siege Warfare or Boss Monsters. Each mode is played differently and for you tacticians out there, it’s something you’ll have fun with.




In Battle Princess of Arcadias you’re able to customize your weapons with power-ups or elemental effects which can be acquired from foes, bosses or during siege combat. Each weapon only can be altered a limited amount of times and each item will give it a different effect. So check each item before placing it on a weapon or you might lose it for something better down the road. When adding different effects to a weapon you can also unlock new skills or abilities so it wouldn’t be a bad idea to save some weapons and either upgrade or unlock each one to maximize your damage output.



Normal Combat


This mode is pretty straight forward, find monsters and kill them. You have two attacks, normal and heavy. These attacks can be combined when you acquire more skills from other weapons or upgrades. The goal of this mode is to clear the area of all monsters while not dying.


Siege Warfare


Siege Warefare plays very different from Normal Combat since you have a whole battalion to command to fight enemies as they appear on screen. You can command your troops to attack, defend, basic battle tactics or change your battalion out. Each command takes a bit of your Moral which is accumulated by defeating the enemies you are fighting. You have the ability to upgrade your battalion by using money to train them. It’s a good idea to invest into building them up when you can. This might seem a lot, but when you get into the actual combat it’s quite fun.


Boss Monsters


Like Siege Warfare you have a whole battalion to command but you are up against a powerful monster. In this mode you have your attack, defend, and retreat commands to win against this foe. The Boss Monster has a defence gauge so when you break through you’ll have a chance to stun it and beat it down before it knows what hit it. This mode is quite fun but can be very challenging.



I love 2D side-scrolling games and this one is great! If you’re an action RPG, 2D side-scrolling, played Odins Sphere or Ragnarok Battle Offline then you’ll enjoy this game just as much or more than I do. Be sure to check it out on Nis America or the PSN store on June 17th 2014 in North America and June 18th 2014 in Europe.

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