Rinon Loves Ramen

You might be double taking right now after you read the byline, yes it’s true I’m writing up a figure review! This is for Mediacom Toy’s Vinyl Collective Doll collection. If you have seen the Kita! Anime Podcast you probably know by now that I’m a huge fan of Ano Natsu De Matteru. One of the most well known characters in the show is Ichika’s ship avatar Rinon.

I couldn’t miss the chance at getting this figure and pre-ordered it the instance I saw it. Coming in at almost 8 inches tall she’s a pretty big figure. The figure only has two moving parts, Rinon’s hands. All you can do with her hands is rotate them up or down. While not as posable as some of the figures you see Deedo doing you just can say no tho this adorable figure. There are no accessories that come with Rinon, in the box is just the figure and it’s big enough not to require a stand. What stands out with this figure is the detail they put into the figure itself. While Rinon is a pretty simple character Mediacom made sure all the little details such as the leaves on top of her head weren’t just an after thought. Everything down to her tail seems to fit just right, making the figure easy to describe in one word, cute.

I’m starting to realize I seem to like ship avatars as she instantly became friends with Fuku! The two guys like to play around my studio desk now and I love seeing both of them. In the gallery you can also see Rinon using my netbook to make a Skype call. I’m not sure who she was calling but they seemed to have a very good conversation. When I wasn’t looking it also looks like Rinon found my ramen stash.

So that’s all I have for this figure review but you are guaranteed there will be more! I have a few more shipments of Ano Natsu De Matteru figures coming in the next few months (did I mention how much I love the anime?). Keep your eyes peeled out for more reviews from me and of course more episodes of the Kita! Anime Podcast.

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