Gundams just got sexy-er.

Armor Girls Project (AGP) a new figure from Bandai that features well Armored Girls. In the past there has been a lot of concept drawings of Gundam Girls but now Bandai with the AGP line has made one into a figure, MS Girl Wing Gundam from the anime Gundam Wing.

This figure line is made very different from the Figma, MMS or even Revoltech lines but it shows it’s own style which is good for a new line. The details on MS Girl are very nice, it’s movement is very good since the wrist joints are similar to it’s elbow and knee joints but the one down fall is that they might pop off easy if you apply a bit of force to it when your not trying to. Just about every piece of the unit is movable from the wings, waste pieces to the leg boosters. Before you start to “dress” your MS Girl i would recommend reading the manual since some of the pieces kinda don’t make sense how to put it on since the chest and hip pieces wrap around the figure and are not clip on parts.  But from this new line i do see one draw back and that’s the face variety for more poses or expressions, but aside from that this figure was worth the buy. If your a Gundam fan and this tickles your fancy then i’m sure you’ll pick this up at some point.

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