Okay so it’s not the Persona 4 Area version but it might as well be. In tradition with collecting the Persona Figma line i finally get a hold of Yukiko Amagi and to be honest she wasn’t one of my favorite characters in the games or anime but none the less i had to get her Figma version.

As you can see they added in a joint near the chest area for more flexibility in the figure. This is a nice addition even though i don’t really know why they added this to her since she really don’t have any dynamic poses but i guess that’s for the user to decide!

Okay so here’s where things get a bit weird. The glasses are meant to be put on like normal glasses which is awesome but poses 2 problems.

1) They can come over very easy and get lost.
2) On one side the ear piece doesn’t sit on the ear very well so they kinda look lopsided.

This might just be my version i got but it’s something to be aware of.

So here’s where i’m sad since the glasses are very fragile right at the hinge point and the ear piece. As you can see this was from trying to put the glasses into her hand so if you attempt this just be very careful in putting them in or this might happen to you too.

Over all this figure is very nice with 2 extra faces, 3 sets of glasses (plus the joke pair) 2 fans (1 action pose fan), you get quite a bit plus the action effect fan isn’t heavy like some of the other action pieces in the past Figmas this one can hold it. So if your a Persona fan i’m sure you’ll be getting this and if not then it’s not a bad Figma to put on display.


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