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SLGC 2016 WizKids Regional: The Bard-room Blitz Edition



What up my Glip-Glops!!!

Brown Messiah here again with another Competitive Wrap Up!

This article is aimed at the most recent competitive tournament, which was the WizKids Regionals at Salt Lake Gaming Con. Or as I have colorfully have dubbed it, “The Bard-room Blitz.”
Firstly, I entered this tournament with few hopes of winning and just looking to have fun. I knew that Bard Blitz was going to be the team to beat which I will admit I hate. I plan on writing a whole article about why I dislike this team so much but when it all boils down; it is simply non-interactive. You’re basically telling your opponent, “I don’t care what you are doing because if all goes according to plan, I win and you lose.” Just not so fun in my humble opinion. Essentially I ended up running an old school Hulk control team. I hadn’t played with Hulk – Green Goliath for a long time and I really wanted to. I even wore my Hulk v. Ultron SLC Comic Con T-Shirt for the occasion!

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Lets face it, when you saw Star Wars A New Hope you wanted your own hologram. Now here is your chance to get one! Check out this interview I did with Zebra Imaging and their Star Wars holograms.

To find out more about Zebra Imaging’s Star Wars Hologram (and help them decide what other images they will make) head on over to their website:

FanX 2016 Full Coverage

Deedo and Ktdata cover Salt Lake Comic Con’s 2016 Fan eXperience! Watch below as we interview interesting people you might have missed at the con!

CES 2015: Kick Off


Every year Ktdata.Net heads on over to Las Vegas for the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES). This year we brought the entire LittleBigKast crew! Watch out video as we talk about our predictions on what we will see during CES 2015! In addition to our regular coverage, we also recorded entire episodes of the LittleBigKast and KickCast from the show floor.

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Sony 2014 E3 Press Conference Live!

Watch live video from ktdata on

Join Ktdata and the LittleBigKast crew for our 2014 E3 Sony Press Conference coverage! We will be doing live commentary during the Sony E3 Press conference! Find out about the latest and great from Sony with our take on the news! Come join us in the chatroom, we’ll be monitoring and replying to comments! We will start the stream at about 6:45PM Mountain Time on June 9, 2014!

Anime Expo 2013 Mash up!



This year KT and I did two separate conventions so I wasn’t able to do interviews but I took a lot of photos. This year’s Anime Expo was the biggest attendance yet with, yes you guessed it, “Over 9000” anime, manga, game fans and cosplayers gathered together to show off their skilled costume or meet old and new friends. Also this year AX got a few bands and artist  to perform at the convention. There was the Visual Kei concert that featured 3 bands/artist, Cell, Moon Stream and Kaya. Also performing was Porno Graffitti which is known for some Anime openings like one of the Fullmetal Alchemist and Magi opening. Not to mention Good Smile with Huke and Max Factory with our old friends at Cake Nana. (Read more…)

If you were a fan of our Rainbow Dash in a Flash contest this is a convention for you! The one thing I love about conventions is that you can learn about other conventions while you are there! The Crystal Mountain Pony Con is a convention for fans of My Little Pony. I got a chance to talk with Aaron and Blake about My Little Pony and the convention. Could this be on our list of events we cover next year? Let us know if  you want to see that.

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This was one of the more interesting booths from Anime Salt Lake 2013. I never thought I would see a leather-smith at a convention but here we are! Check out this interview Deedo got with David from Rose & Thorn leather. Deedo even asks a question about “support.”

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Anime Salt Lake 2013 – Day 2: I.S. Design

I’ve always been a fan of steampunk and this booth in Artist Alley caught my eye. I got a chance to talk with Isaac from I.S. Design about his awesome creations. The thing that I love about these creations is that you can still use them. Who wouldn’t want a steam punk style power glove?!

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Anime Salt Lake 2013 – Day 2: Opening

Deedo and I get ready to cover day 2 of Anime Salt Lake 2013! Unlike Friday, we were able to be at the even all day. It’s going to be jammed packed with things such as a live Kita! Anime Podcast, interviews with people from artist alley and the cosplay contest! We have it all and more!

Keep an eye out for more coverage from Anime Salt Lake 2013!

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