LittleBigKast – Episode 11: ManDrew

The 11th episode of the LittleBigKast! Jeff challenges KT at Starcraft? Will KT accept the challenge? Probably not, but it was worth a shot. Drew tries to subtly quote The Little Mermaid, but Rachel caught on. Rachel reminisces when @casualdikpic was told his entrails should be hanging from a telephone wire, and Drew’s whiskers have evolved him into…. something more “manly.” Indie game of the week is Flower, and flower tornadoes are definitely a thing. All of this and so, so, much more on this episode of the LittleBigKast.

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It’s here! This episode, Drew hates on Zombies while Rachel and Jeff gush over our Indie Game of the Week: Telltale Games’ – The Walking Dead: Episode 1. We’re all racing to finish the semester strong…or at least just finish it.  We kick off the show catching each other up on our gaming adventures from the past week.  Drew finds his favorite game from his PS1 days on iOS, Jeff plays Wolf Among Us for his “date-night” and Rachel laments the moving of her favorite parrot in Animal Crossing. The theme for the News is “Coming Soon” as we confirm rumors and talk about the PS4 firmware update and the Playstation Now Beta update. Our Indie Game of the Week Segment gets tense as Rachel and Jeff tag-team Drew trying to convince him to ignore the zombies and love the story behind it…like two zombies scratching and clawing at him through the bars of a closed down pharmacy… Drew stands strong. He hates Zombies.