Littlebigkast – Episode 69: Send in the Clowns

As a welcomed substitution to the kast, Glenn the globetrotting chef joins us in Jeff’s place for this episode and proceeds to be censored up one side and down the other. Thank you for not disappointing us, Glenn. Everyone picks apart their decisions in Until Dawn while Robin hugs her knees in the corner and schedules counseling sessions to help her move past her crippling fear of clowns (to which everyone responds by SENDING PICTURES OF CLOWNS you sick, sick people!).

Beginning with a conversation about the mediocrity (maybe?) of the new Mad Max game and the majesty of the Mad Max movie, the modified Littlebigkast picks apart the phenomenon of games transitioning to movies; what makes a successful transition, what genres are more adaptable, and what were some of the high/lowlights of this movement? You curious now? Yes, yes you are.

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The Lego Movie: Everything is Awesome!


I have waited for a movie about them for quite some time. There have been brickfilms and Lego super hero movies, but this is the first proper Lego movie. Many of us grew up playing with Legos (and some of us still do), so it’s about time they made a movie about time they made a movie about our favorite brick-building toy!


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Pacific Rim: The reason why I love giant robots!

Let's fight back with giant robots!

Before I start this review of Pacific Rim let me give you a few disclaimers. First one, I love giant robots. Always have and always will love them! Disclaimer number two, Giant robots are awesome. Finally disclaimer number three, I love giant robots.

What do you do when aliens attack Earth from an undersea portal? You build giant robot to fight them of course. That is pretty much the storyline for Pacific Rim. Let’s be honest with each other, this is not the most ridiculous story line you have heard (it’s not some kid running around trying to get the girl with the help of giant robots from outer space after all). I won’t go too deep into the story, it’s a nice device to keep the movie moving but it’s not going to get any awards. The aliens that are attacking Earth are called Kaiju, the Japanese word for strange creature or monster. To fight the Kaiju, humans come together and build giant robot suits called Jaegers. Initially the battle with the Kaiju seems to favor the humans but the Kaiju are relentless and the human race is on the brink of destruction. All that is left now is a handful of Jaegers and humans are now building walls as a last ditch attempt protect themselves from the Kaiju. (Read more…)

The Internship: Discover the Googliness of Google


Finding a job, it’s a tough world out there right now and finding a job you like is even harder. The Internship gives people a peak into the company Fortune magazine voted as the number one company to work for, Google. So what happens when the Wedding Crashers try to get a job at Google? You get The Internship.

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The wolf pack is back in The Hangover Part III and ready to tie up some loose ends… especially since people have been begging for resolution. Ok, maybe there was no demand for another Hangover movie but how could you go wrong with another one? All one would need to do is follow the same formula as the first two movies: Alan and the crew wake up with a massive sized headache and then attempt to retrace their steps from the previous night. Boy was I wrong about that assumption. (Read more…)

Pain & Gain Movie: Lots of Pain, Very Little Gain


When you hear the name Michael Bay and Mark Wahlberg, the words box office hit probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. Michael Bay did ruin my all time favorite childhood cartoon with the live-action atrocities featuring Shia LaBeouf (Transformers is about the robots! Not some kid running around trying to get the girl!). Mark Wahlberg has some good and some (or many) bad performances under his belt, after all who can forget Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch? Even with these two names associated with the movie, something about the trailer for Pain & Gain made me want to watch the movie. What did I think of Pain & Gain? Keep reading to find out! (Read more…)

Here Comes the Boom Enters the Cage

When I first heard about Here Comes The Boom I didn’t think twice about it. I thought it was just another Kevin James movie where is just goofs off. I was definitely wrong thinking that the movie would be like that.

Here Comes The Boom is the story about Scott Voss, a biology high school teacher that has lost his passion for teaching and is just going through the motions. The story starts to get interesting when (Read more…)

Trouble with the Curve hits it out of the ballpark

Another summer baseball movie?! That’s what I thought when I first heard about Trouble with the Curve. I was a bit skeptical about this movie until I found out who was the lead in this movie, Clint Eastwood. Playing his daughter and co-star of the movie is the beautiful Amy Adams. (Just to put a little disclaimer in here. I have a crush on Amy Adams.)

What does someone do when they loose something that is a vital part of their job? Trouble with the Curve follows Gus (Eastwood) who is traveling to North Carolina to find the next draft pick for the Atlanta Braves. The only problem Gus has is that his vision is failing and he can’t see across home plate. Concerned about Gus, the head of scouting sends Gus’ daughter Mickey to help.

Eastwood plays the role of Gus spot on. He is this grumpy, stubborn old guy who knows how to do one thing only one way but he does it very well. In a world of baseball scouting where every player is calculated and quantified Gus is the only scout who doesn’t even own a computer. He relies on his eyes and ears to find out if a player is good enough to make in the MLB. Even though he is starting to have vision problems Gus is still trying to scout a potential draft picks for the Braves.

Amy Adams plays Mickey, Gus’ daughter who is a successful Attorney that is about to become a partner at the firm she works at. A concerned head of scouting asks Mickey to go and help out Gus. Turns out that Mickey is a huge baseball fan just like her dad and knows a thing or two about scouting. As a kid Gus was a pretty distant father, he sent Mickey to live with an uncle for a year and then off to boarding school. She is trying to figure out why Gus is so withdrawn to her.

You don’t need to be a baseball fan to watch this movie. Baseball only serves as the backdrop for the story between father and daughter. The most memorable thing about this movie is that interaction between Adams and Eastwood. During the movie I almost forgot that these two weren’t actually father and daughter.

Overall I would recommend that people watch this movie. Some people might say that it’s an anti-Moneyball movie; I would say that these two movies are totally different. Both movies might have baseball in it but one is actually about the game and the other is about a father and daughter who love the game. The only similarities between both movies I can see is that both set the tone perfectly for the respective stories they were trying to tell. If you are looking for a great movie to watch Trouble with the Curve is one to watch.

Oh yes and before I get e-mails about this, Justin Timberlake is in the movie. He does good job with his character but the relationship between Eastwood and Adams totally overshadows his performance.

That’s my boy: This summer’s Hangover


Looking for a must see comedy flick this summer? That’s my boy might be the movie you were looking for. It brings together two well-known comedians, Adam Sandler and Andy Samburg, to create one of the raunchiest movies I have ever seen. I literally felt like I needed to take a shower after seeing the movie. With that being said, this movie was totally worth going to a theater to see it.

The plot for That’s my boy is nothing to write home about but it’s enough to drive the movie forward. The movie starts off in the 80’s with teenage Donny (Sandler), who has a huge crush on his teacher Ms. McGarricle. The only problem is that (Read more…)

Cowboys & Aliens Blasts Into The Old West

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When I first heard about Cowboys & Aliens I thought it was a ridiculous idea. Had the writers run out of things to write about? I’m not sure if I could come with another ridiculous idea other than Cowboys & Aliens. After seeing the movie though, I was totally shocked at how good it was.

The story follows Jake Lonergan (Daniel Craig) waking up in the middle of the desert and not remembering anything. The only thing he has on him is an odd iron bracelet and a picture of a lady in the dirt next to him. Now we follow Jake’s quest to find out what in the world is going on. You didn’t really expect me to tell you the whole story right? That’s the point of watching a movie!

The one thing I will tell you about this movie is that it is (Read more…)