LittleBigKast – Episode 7: Red headed disorder

Come one, come all, to the 7th episode of the LittleBigKast, our indie game of the week this week was Thomas Was Alone. This episode was recorded mid-day so we were all live, awake, and well caffeinated. Jeff starts this episode off with a tale of how a six-year-old sang a song to him about how having red hair is a disorder (Jeff has the reddest of hair), Rachel spent probably an hour too long trying to collect all of the dots in Thomas Was Alone, and well Drew… Drew doesn’t know what lady wood is, in fact, I don’t think any one really does. Oh, but all of this happens in just the first few minutes. Jeff also discusses the fun he has with C4 on vehicles in Battlefield, and also the gang discusses how “deep” Captain America: The Winter Soldier, really is. News topics were Amazon stealing the FIRE from Vita TV, how one member from Naughty Dog can hopefully turn around the popularity of Star Wars games, and so, so much more. Now just imagine yourself in a movie theater, and seeing a 6’5″ ginger running through to make the bathroom. You’re welcome for the image, enjoy!

Screen Shot 2014-04-10 at 8.21.15 PM


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