On todays show we are joined by special guest soon-to-be- Dr. Robin Haislett who spills the beans on gender roles in Final Fantasy VII, Drew basks in the plush ball pit of KTs anime collection, and Jeff bemoans the loss of Snow White’s head. We talk about the first episode of TellTale’s game The Wolf Among Us and cover the topic of feminism in gaming.

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LittleBigKast – Episode 21: #SwagSack

On todays episode Drew drew grabs his swag sack and talks Rocket love, Rachel risks all for a Koala Burger and Jeffs man crush everyday is Chris Pratt. We talk about Destiny more after Drew and Rachel had a chance to play, and then we ask ourselves the question, “What game will it take you to move to the next gen.?”

In the news we talk about these stories:… (Read more…)