SLGC 2016 WizKids Regional: The Bard-room Blitz Edition



What up my Glip-Glops!!!

Brown Messiah here again with another Competitive Wrap Up!

This article is aimed at the most recent competitive tournament, which was the WizKids Regionals at Salt Lake Gaming Con. Or as I have colorfully have dubbed it, “The Bard-room Blitz.”
Firstly, I entered this tournament with few hopes of winning and just looking to have fun. I knew that Bard Blitz was going to be the team to beat which I will admit I hate. I plan on writing a whole article about why I dislike this team so much but when it all boils down; it is simply non-interactive. You’re basically telling your opponent, “I don’t care what you are doing because if all goes according to plan, I win and you lose.” Just not so fun in my humble opinion. Essentially I ended up running an old school Hulk control team. I hadn’t played with Hulk – Green Goliath for a long time and I really wanted to. I even wore my Hulk v. Ultron SLC Comic Con T-Shirt for the occasion!

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