Drunken Oni, Suika Ibuki Stumbles In!!

For those who know about the Touhou series would know about Suika Ibuki as the little drunken Oni always wanting to party. Now this time she’s out from Figma. As you might expect from her she’s very small and for a figure it shows. She comes with a mini Suika jumping in joy. Along with her sake gourd and sake bowl, she can be posed in a drunken kung fu ways if you like. But she’s still something if your a Touhou fan would like to have in your collection.

When i got her there are a few thing i’ve noticed on her. The ball join from her waist to body popped out on mine and had to use nail polish to keep it in there. It’s fine now but still kinda annoying. Her ribbon, and horns seems to also be lose as well but easy fix with super glue since there isn’t any parts to swap with. Since she’s so small the base she comes with is to tall for her to stand on the base it’s self.

Most of these problems i’m sure isn’t like that with the whole line, but i just happen to get one. If you happen to have similar problems with Suika, let me know. Anywho it’s picture time!