CES 2015: olloclip

Olloclip is one of the leaders when it comes to lens attachments for your iPhone. Every year they are always improving their products to keep up with the current iPhone. Watch this video as Rachel catches up with Tim DeBrincat of olloclip to see what is new!

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Check out all of olloclip’s products on their website.

CES 2015: Southern Telecom

Smartphones have become the standard phone to own. One of the problems people run into with smartphones is the price. Southern Telecom has some great tablets and phones coming out this year that run current software, plus they are aiming to be affordable. Check out the video where I highlight a few of their new products coming out this year under brands you might recognize!

To find out more about Southern Telecom check out their website!

CES 2015: XFit Band & Watch

Fitness bands and trackers are all the rage these days. Who wouldn’t want all this extra information to help live a healthier life? The one problem is that many of these bands and trackers are very pricy. Xtreme has come up with a fitness band that is a lot easier on the wallet compared to competitors. Check out this interview Jeff has with Larry from Xtreme.

To find out more about the XFit Band and XFit Watch head head on over their website.


CES 2015: Skechers Game Kicks


The International Consumer Electronics Show is a place where one would expect to see different electronic gadgets. It’s not normal to see a giant shoe on the show floor. Skechers is introducing a brand new line of shoes, Game Kicks. You can play a light game right on the shoe! Now if only they made one in a size 12 mens…

To find out more about Skechers Game Kicks check out their website.

CES 2015: BlissLights


This booth at CES literally caught my eye. BlissLights has extensive experience in making lighting systems for theme parks. Now they want to bring the lighting systems to the home user. Check out the interview I had with Alan about how you can theme park level lighting for your home!

Visit BlissLight’s website to learn more.



CES 2015: HISY


Do you like to take selfies? I am usually the guy who has blurry pictures because I can’t hold the phone steady while trying to hit the shutter button. Deedo talks with Erica from HISY, a bluetooth device that may help solve this problem. This might be the perfect solution to get the perfect shot!

You can find more information about HISY here: https://www.hisypix.com


CES 2015: Kick Off


Every year Ktdata.Net heads on over to Las Vegas for the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES). This year we brought the entire LittleBigKast crew! Watch out video as we talk about our predictions on what we will see during CES 2015! In addition to our regular coverage, we also recorded entire episodes of the LittleBigKast and KickCast from the show floor.

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Woot.com Birthday Bag of Crap Opening 7/11/2014

If you didn’t know, my birthday is in July and so is Woot.com’s! Time to celebrate with a birthday bag of crap! Find out what I got in the video below:

Also there is still time to get this Month’s Lootcrate! The theme is heroes! You can sign up here: http://mbsy.co/lootcrate/2932095

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Computers.Woot.com Bag of Crap Opening 6/2/2014

Wow it has been a few years (almost exactly 2 to be exact) since my last Woot.Com Bag of Crap Opening! Yes it has taken me this long to get another bag of crap! This bag of crap was in celebration of Woot launching Computers.Woot.Com! What did I get? Watch the video to find out!

Also there is still time to get this Month’s Lootcrate! The theme is Transformers! You can sign up here: http://mbsy.co/lootcrate/2932095

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It’s here! This episode, Drew hates on Zombies while Rachel and Jeff gush over our Indie Game of the Week: Telltale Games’ – The Walking Dead: Episode 1. We’re all racing to finish the semester strong…or at least just finish it.  We kick off the show catching each other up on our gaming adventures from the past week.  Drew finds his favorite game from his PS1 days on iOS, Jeff plays Wolf Among Us for his “date-night” and Rachel laments the moving of her favorite parrot in Animal Crossing. The theme for the News is “Coming Soon” as we confirm rumors and talk about the PS4 firmware update and the Playstation Now Beta update. Our Indie Game of the Week Segment gets tense as Rachel and Jeff tag-team Drew trying to convince him to ignore the zombies and love the story behind it…like two zombies scratching and clawing at him through the bars of a closed down pharmacy… Drew stands strong. He hates Zombies.