What happens with unspent energy?

Unspent energy sits in the Reserve Pool until the player’s Clear and Draw step when is moved to the used pile.

Is there a specific order of doing things in the Main Step?

The rulebook states:

“Now you can do any or all of the following, in any order you want, as many times as you like:

Purchase Dice

Field Characters

Play Actions

Use Global Abilities”

The order in which you do these things is very important as they can affect the gameplay to your benefit or detriment, but the order is not dictated by any rules.

There are certain steps in the game where certain things can only be done. The game’s second step is the Roll and Reroll step. Only in this step can you roll and reroll your dice (unless an ability allows otherwise). Once you field a character, you have moved to your “Main Step”, so you are not allowed to reroll the dice anymore.

If the game is a tie after the allotted time is called, it can be more beneficial to go second. This means you would have the last turn and potentially have the advantage of knowing exactly how much damage you must do to win (and not have to save anything for blocking).

The consensus is that going first may have an advantage. You can field first, and potentially pull off a combo first (all things being equal).

Can player 1 attack on the first turn?

Player 1 may not attack on the first turn.

Who goes first?

One way we at Double Burst determine who goes first is to roll an action die. One player names either “action” or “energy” and the other player rolls an action die. If they called it right, then that player gets to decide if they would like to go first or not. Flipping a coin or a high roll on a numeric die are also commonly used options. The important thing is both players agree on the method and the result is random.