Knocked Out


WizKids Open, this is a series of tournaments for all WizKids games that takes place at venues around the world. There are exclusive prizes to be won in Regional Championships and side events. Victory in a Regional Championship also qualifies a player to compete in the National Championship.


Total Fielding Cost, this is the total when the fielding cost of all levels are added up.


Professor X Global (Ability)

Global: Pay a Mask. Move up to 2 Sidekick dice from your used pile to your prep area.


Pro Dice Circuit. See http://prodicecircuit.com/


Organized Play or Overpowered, depending on context. OP Cards usually refers to promo cards obtained at Organized Play events.

Overpowered combos or characters usually refers to something that is overpowered or considered broken.


Friendly Local Game Store


C = Common (Gray Stripe)
U = Uncommon (Green Stripe)
R = Rare (Yellow Stripe)
SR = Super Rare (Red Stripe)


Blue Eyes White Dragon. Usually this is referencing the Global Ability on the rare card:

Global: Pay a bolt and knock out one of your monsters to reduce the cost of the next die you buy by 2 energy.