FAREWELL 2014. Hello to a whole new year or gaming, and rad experiences. On this week’s episode of LBK, Drew finally starts raiding in Destiny, Jeff talks about black Christmas, Rachie finally plays a game on her PS4, and Robin is just a nerd, I guess. Somehow lost Drew for a short period of time, BUT THAT DIDN’T STOP US, NOT EVEN LIZARDS WILL STOP US! All of this and more nonsense as per usual on this episode of the LittleBigKast!

News, news, news!

  1. Hacks, hacks, and hacks. (source)
  2. Kim Dotcom saves Christmas. (source)
  3. TechCrunch asks XBONE, or PS4? (source)
  4. Mircotransactions apparently aren’t going anywhere. (source)
  5. Man gets rocks instead of PS4 🙁 (source)
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