Littlebigkast – Episode 69: Send in the Clowns

As a welcomed substitution to the kast, Glenn the globetrotting chef joins us in Jeff’s place for this episode and proceeds to be censored up one side and down the other. Thank you for not disappointing us, Glenn. Everyone picks apart their decisions in Until Dawn while Robin hugs her knees in the corner and schedules counseling sessions to help her move past her crippling fear of clowns (to which everyone responds by SENDING PICTURES OF CLOWNS you sick, sick people!).

Beginning with a conversation about the mediocrity (maybe?) of the new Mad Max game and the majesty of the Mad Max movie, the modified Littlebigkast picks apart the phenomenon of games transitioning to movies; what makes a successful transition, what genres are more adaptable, and what were some of the high/lowlights of this movement? You curious now? Yes, yes you are.

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