KickCast – Episode 1: I Like Robots


In this episode we talk about a desk for your desk, a new way to fly RC helicopters, online Mech fighting and a way to build your own physical robot!

We finally made it to our first production episode! Isaac and I are super excited in how it has turned out. Keep an eye out for more episodes soon.

A shout out to Nick, one of our biggest fans!

I hope you guys enjoy and if you have any feedback, projects you want to share or just want to talk you can reach us at KickCast “AT”

You can find us on most of the major social media sites:

Twitter: @Kickcast


Google+: KickCast

Pinterest: Ktdata

Also you can come watch us record live too. We try to start around 7PM Mountain time. Our Next episode will be November 1, 2012 at: Live.KickCast.Net


Show Notes:

The Stand Up Desk Kit

Mimix and NanoQ

iMech Online


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