This is the cat’s Meow!


About two years ago an Indiegogo project came up that Anime fans could get behind. That combine Cat Ears (Nekomimi) with working speakers in them, headphones with LED lights to create the Cat Ear Headphones. The crowdfunding project was asking for around $250.000 but far exceeded their goal, ending with just over $7 million and even more pre-orders. The small company known as Axent Wear had a huge hurdle to cross 20,000+ of people backed their Cat Ear Headphones, finding a place to manufacture them all. Over the course of two years most of the backers were thinking that the company wasn’t following through with their promises till an announcement in late 2014: they had partnered with Brookstone to manufacture their headphones and will be shipping in the 3rd or 4th quarter of 2015. The Axent Cat Ear Headphones were released to the backers on Nov 30th and now can be found at all Brookstone locations for $149.99. It comes in 4 colors, Red, Green, Blue and Purple.


What do I get for my $150.00? (Read more…)

Goodsmile racing has been a touring racing team since 2008 run by the fans with Hatsune Miku as there icon on the BMW Super GT. With over 10,000 sponsors and over 16,000 supporters this year GSR is letting over sea fans join in on the fun.  (Read more…)

Many of you might know that I’m heavily involved with my University’s Relay for Life. Right now we are less than 2 weeks away from the actual event and I’m getting excited for it. Over the past 6 months I have been working very hard with the rest of the committee to recruit teams and plan an amazing event. My current goal for this event right now is to try and raise some money. I have set a goal of trying to raise $100 and I would greatly appreciate it any of you could help.

Some people might be wondering what is the Relay for Life? The Relay isn’t a race, it’s a celebration for cancer survivors and represents all the stages a cancer patient goes through. During the Relay we aren’t racing, we have at least 1 of our team members on the track all the time. This relay goes over night, cancer never rests so we don’t either. It is an amazing event and I highly suggest you go to a relay near you to experience it if you have never gone to one before. With any luck I’ll be able to broadcast some of it on my live page so you can get a glimpse of what it is like. (Read more…)