Watch us finish Outlast! We’ve invited our friends to join us again for yet another night of terror! It is bound to be a fighting good time. Watch us freak out, jump, cower in fear and hold each other like little babies… Saturday night March 29th from 7PM until we finish! We’ll be giving away tickets to the Fan Xperience -Comic Con in SLC on our Twitter account! Join us!

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Captain America is the last of the films made to introduce people to the team that will be featured in next year’s The Avengers movie. It introduces Steve Rodgers, a young scrawny kid who just wants to stand up to bullies who ends up becoming Captain America and the face of the war. In the movie Steve mentions this line, “I don’t like bullies, no matter where they are from.” That line does an excellent job in describing Steve Rodger’s character throughout the movie.

The movie does an excellent job in making the audience believe why Steve was fighting and why we should be rooting for him. At times during the movie I just wanted to start yelling out “USA! USA! USA!” (Read more…)