When your country is in dark times from monster invasion and you lose your best soldiers, fear not because here comes Battle Princess Plume. Join the brigade and fight monsters, wage siege wars and even fight giant boss monsters in this high paced-action packed RPG, so help Plume save the kingdom in Battle Princess of Arcadias.


Battle Princess of Arcadias follows a 2D side-scrolling action RPG platform where you can take part in either Normal Combat, Siege Warfare or Boss Monsters. Each mode is played differently and for you tacticians out there, it’s something you’ll have fun with.

europaban_is_megjelenhet_a_battle_princess_of_arcadias_1 (Read more…)

8bit goodness!


Are you an old school 8 bit fan? Did you like River City Ransom or 2D side scrolling games? Well here’s a game up your ally and ready for combat. Phantom Breaker Battlegrounds is a spin off of the arcade fighting game Phantom Breaker but the real difference is that Battlegrounds is a hack and slash semi RPG 2D side scroll game. Just for 800 Microsoft Points (just around $10 USD) and about 1.56 GBs later you can hop online and battle other players, Co/op with other players or friends or local play with 4 of your friends. With a leader board menu you can see where you rank among other players and friends. And if you need more info you can check out 5bp’s website at (Read more…)


I made a post about this game a while back but now it’s release date is out for March 15th 2013. So as long as the world doesn’t end on December 21 2012 we all can enjoy the next chapter in the Neptunia Universe. More from Nisa’s press release. (Read more…)

Goodsmile racing has been a touring racing team since 2008 run by the fans with Hatsune Miku as there icon on the BMW Super GT. With over 10,000 sponsors and over 16,000 supporters this year GSR is letting over sea fans join in on the fun.  (Read more…)

We’re going to GEEX!


You read it right! Deedo and I are headed to the Gaming and Electronics Expo better known as GEEX! This is the premier (ok! well only) gaming and electronics expo in Utah. Also going us will be Mr. Marky Mort from Marky Mort’s Reviews  on Youtube. We will be there Friday evening and all day Saturday walking around the show. We are going to try to some live streaming which you will be able to watch on the live page, and I will try to post some video up after the event too! If you are going to be going to the GEEX show let me know and we can meet up. You can reach me by leaving a comment below, send me an email or get me on Twitter: @Ktdata. I hope to see you there, we are going to have a blast!