CES 2013 – Day 1: dockBoss air


I was super excited when I heard Apple announce the iPhone 5, that was until I heard there was a new dock connector. What was I going to do with all the docking accessories I had that used the 30-pin connector? CableJive came to the rescue with the dockBoss air! I managed to get an interview with Mike about this amazing device that has kept me from having to buy all new speaker docks.

For more information about CableJive’s dockBoss air, check out their website.

Clipped from http://www.cablejive.com/products/dockBoss-air.html

Special thanks to Vissal at so.sim.bo for helping out with additional photos and video footage from the event! Make sure you check these guys out.

Clipped from http://sosimbo.com/


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