Origins 2017 Recap!

Origins Game Fair 2018 is coming up! For those not familiar with the convention, this is a 5 day board game convention in Columbus Ohio. Last year was our first time attending this competition and it was a blast! As in Ktdata.Net tradition, we put together some videos and podcasts for you.

One of my main draws in attending this convention was the Wizkids US Nationals and Worlds Dice Masters Tournaments. It was a great time to go compete and meet fans of Double Burst! We have two episodes about the convention, our predictions and a recap of the events!

We also got to talk to John at Odam Publishing about their Kickstarter experience and board game The Shared Dream. The game looks pretty fun and I am in love with the world they use for it. John also has some great advice for people who are planning on running crowdfunding project. Check out the interview below:

Last but not least, this was also the second travel vlog I put together (you can see my trip to the zoo here). I was trying to give you a behind the scenes on what was happening during the whole trip!

It was blast in 2017 and I can’t wait for this year’s Origins Game Fair. If you are going to be there, let me know and we can meet up (maybe play a few board games too). As always, we will be recording stuff so keep an eye out for a future post on what we did!

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