Double Burst Holiday Gift Guide

Double Burst Holiday Gift Guide


This gift guide is intended to help friends and family of players who want to buy something Dice Masters related for the special player(s) in their life. It also serves as a hub for people looking for their own Dice Masters accessories. We have broken it down into sections so shoppers can keep their searches focused. We have included many links to members of the Dice Masters community and brief descriptions of many items or creators. This is not every possible option for each topic, but we will update this article as we find new and exciting items. If you find something awesome that we haven’t included, or if you are a member of the community who makes something awesome that we haven’t included, please email us with a description, pictures, and link at Happy holidays, happy birthdays, happy shopping.


Rev gets the first spot on our list because he’s part of our family. Rev is not a Dice Masters player, but he is an accomplished and capable graphic designer. Email him at and let him know what you’d like to see on a mat. This is a mat he designed for the Double Burst team:


Mark Gardner is a Dice Masters player and designs some of the best mats around. He is possibly the most prominent playmat designer in the community. You can reach him and his beautiful designs through his Etsy shop. This is an example of his work:


The Grither is a redditor who has only recently started designing mats, but is clearly very talented. He can be reached at via email. This is one of the fantastic playmat designs he submitted for this article:


Glen Bodor is an Australian Dice Masters player and has designed one of the most eye catching playmats we’ve ever seen. We’ve only seen the one design, but we hope he will continue to design playmats because he is obviously very talented. You can contact him on Facebook. This is his gorgeous Deadpool playmat:


WizKids also has produced playmats that have been designed to correspond to past sets. The most recent playmat from wizkids can be found here.

The designers listed above will send you a digital file that you can have printed onto a high quality polyester mat with an anti-slip rubber backing by our friends at Inked Gaming. The entire Double Burst team uses mats printed by Inked Gaming and we are all extremely satisfied with the image quality and construction of our playmats.

Mark Steele has another playmat option available from his Etsy shop where you can purchase a set of digital files to print a 3 piece playmat on standard 8.5” x 11” paper with your very own printer. This is a picture of the finished product in action:


Playmat Accessories

Troll Manufacturing on Etsy does custom woodwork with laser etched designs. Troll Manufacturing makes an engraved wooden playmat with all the areas of play recessed and labeled. They also make a playmat tray designed to perfectly fit your playmat, the idea behind the tray is to give players a portable solid surface to save time setting up teams between rounds of a tournament. Troll Manufacturing can be found on Etsy. This is the wooden playmat followed by the playmat tray:



Playmat Storage

Now that you have a totally awesome playmat, you need somewhere to store it so it stays just as awesome as the day you got it. A few of us at Double Burst are partial to the prism style playmat tube from Monster Protectors, but there are other options.

Monster Protectors Prism Tube

Ultra Pro Playmat Tube

Ultimate Guard Flip’n’Tray Playmat Case

Dice Bags

Jenna Marion is a prominent figure in the Dice Masters community, a true Dice Masters enthusiast. She is also a very talented seamstress and sells high quality dice bags through her Etsy shop. This is one of her many wonderful designs:


Chloe Villa is the daughter of the one and only Isaac Villa, co-host of The Reserve Pool podcast. She is a junior high student who makes reversible dice bags in many attractive designs and patterns. You can find her on Facebook. These are some of her bags:


Beth Trent is a Dice Masters player from Colorado, who once traveled all the way to Utah to play games with us and be a guest on our podcast. She knits dice bags that look fantastic and tend to be inspired by characters or themes in the game. You can find her on Etsy. This is one of the many beautiful designs she has available:


WizKids also has produced dice bags that have been designed to correspond to past sets. The most recent WizKids dice bag can be found here.

Dice Towers

Troll Manufacturing, also listed in the Playmats section, caught the attention of the Double Burst team with their custom Dice Towers. A dice tower is an extremely useful accessory for any Dice Masters player as it not only provides a random roll by knocking dice off multiple internal surfaces, but more importantly it corrals the rolled dice in an enclosed area keeping them from falling off tables or interfering with other areas of play. Troll Manufacturing can be found on Etsy. This is a picture of Kenneth’s own dice tower from Troll Manufacturing:


Life Counters

Life counters are an important accessory for any Dice Masters player. The importance of keeping track of your life simply cannot be overstated. A life counter functions as a tool to keep track of your life total throughout the game, but it can also be a way to add some flair and self expression to your game. Anything that counts down from 20-0 will work, or if you have a playmat with a life counter on it you can use just about anything with a footprint the size of a small coin. If you choose to use a D20 die, be sure that it is a “spin down” so the numbers are in order as you spin the die. Random D20’s can be used, but they will require the player to find the correct side of the die each time their life total changes which can be time consuming and difficult for some players. Some of our favorite life counters are:

Jumbo spindown D20

Standard Size D20

Digital 2 Player Life Counter

Josh Temple is a Dice Masters player who modifies Heroclix figures to be used as life counters. Find him on Facebook. For those unfamiliar with Heroclix, they are small plastic figurines modeled after characters from comic books, video games, movies, etc. They have a base that spins and clicks into place as it does revealing a numeric value through a small window in the base. They look like this:



Every Dice Masters player needs somewhere to keep all those dice and cards. This is such a widespread issue for players that we have already done a segment on the podcast on this very topic. The best solutions we came up with are:

Ultra Pro 9 Pocket Binder

Ultra Pro 4 Pocket Binder

Ultra Pro Card Binder

Ultra Pro Trading Card 9 Pocket Pages

Monster Prism Playmat Tube

Plano Boxes

Toolbox Organizer


Collector Boxes

That’s all for now

Thank you for checking out our gift guide and thank you for making this community awesome. You are the reason we do this. Please let us know if there’s anything we missed. All feedback is appreciated so drop us a line at with any comments, suggestions, or criticisms. As always, may the rolls be ever in your favor.

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